Revisit Work 2: Tattoos That Describe You

I am definitely a big tattoo fan and I have multiple ideas for tattoos that I’m going to get so I decided to remake this assignment using another tattoo idea and try to find a way to get different designs other than using instagram filters. This time my focus tattoo design is a sloth as it’s one half of my favorite animal, I have two sloths and wolves but already have a wolf tattoo so I went with a sloth. This time around I’ll use a basic design as my base and see what other designs I can find that play on that base point.

Here is the basic tattoo image of a sloth, basically the starting idea of a tattoo. Just a simple sloth on a tree branch.

Next up still keeping it simple but added a little bit more creepy. The sloth now looks slightly demented and is now holding onto a scythe. I like the concept but the face is a little creepy.

Here we’re keeping it super simple with a one line tattoo. This is literally just one line, no pick ups or multiple parts, used to make an image. It’s super minimalistic but still a nice design.

Next up a geometric design, for this one I like how it goes from an actual sketch into the geometric fade away. I could see this as a black and white tattoo but also a color tattoo with shades of black, blue, and purple.

For this one we move into more complicated concepts with watercolor. I absolutely would love a watercolor tattoo and I love how this one actually mixes some geometric design in as well. It all comes together beautifully.

Last idea would be a realistic image, I know it’s not a sketch but just having a sketch wouldn’t show the true beauty of a realistic portrait. The colors bring the image to life as well as the little details artists use, like the multicolored brush strokes that wouldn’t be noticeable on a B&W image. There’s so much dimension in this image. One can never go wrong with a realistic tattoo.

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