Video Assignment: Point of View

I know in the assignment bank says this video is only supposed to be a minute and a half long but for some reason I really wanted to do this assignment and record myself making breakfast. I don’t even normally eat breakfast but that was the idea I wanted to roll with so that’s what I went with. I started off making some very delicious turkey bacon which I then struggled to get out of the pan one handed. I cracked some eggs, I didn’t even try to play myself and crack them one handed, seasoned them with salt and pepper and then when the bottom was cooked I flipped them, also off camera because I didn’t feel like dropping them and having to start over. I then transferred them to a plate when cooked to complete my meal of bacon, fried eggs, and a chocolate muffin. Also side note, almost dropped the pan and the eggs because the eggs got stuck when I was recording and the pan slide across the stove. I would’ve cried if they fell.

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