Video Assignment: What I Eat In A Day

I am a snack type person, I find myself always munching on something no matter if I’m hungry or not, so when I saw this video assignment in the bank I thought it would be perfect for me. That day was honestly a light munching day but whatever and I just so happened to have a salad that day, don’t be fooled its normally junk food. So I started off my day with two muffins, I know the video only shows one but that’s because I ate the other before I remembered to take a picture, then about 3 hours later I had some fries, very delicious and graciously seasoned. Some time later I had the best ramen on the planet and then I finished off the day with an at home rendition of the Cobb salad from Chick-fil-A. I was going to take a pictures of the drinks but my short attention span struck and I forgot.

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