Final Project Report

My final project is done although it came out slightly different then I had planned it. My original plan was to do it in a kind of talkshow manner but I recorded it, it was too personal so it just turned into storytelling about my life. I think I like it better than I had originally planned, it seems more personal this way. I had also planned to have videos and possibly interviews from other people then I realized that wouldn’t make sense for what I want to do, I’m talking about my story so I shouldn’t have outside people talking about other experiences. My final project just turned into me talking for about 18 minutes about how my life changed since coming to terms with not fitting into society’s normal standards and how I’ve been trying to get myself to accept that and not fight a battle that might cause more harm than good.

I used iMovie for recording and found the pictures off of google. The music also came off of iMovie and I tried to create the video in a way that tells the story but also doesn’t come off too heavy; I used the upbeat music to try to set off the serious tone. Recording the video wasn’t that hard although it did take a couple takes and some more editing. I think keeping to the topic and not going off on an unrelated tangent was the hardest part.

I watched my video back and I can say that I’m pretty happy with the results. I didn’t go into that much detail about my personal life but I still think I did a pretty good job capturing the message I wanted to send.

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