Future Project Ideas Expansion

I think Skylar’s idea of recreating a Bob Ross painting by following one of his videos is very cool. What is there were two options: recreate a painting by following his video or recreate it from memory/looking at the finished product. After finishing the recreation I think there should be a side by side of his and theirs to see how similar/different they are. This a very awesome idea.

I really like Josephine’s idea of paying tribute to people unable to tell their stories due to different circumstances. I think a good way to go about this is either using some of their art and giving a mini dialogue about your interpretation then seeing if you can find out what they were actually trying to portray. Another good way to go about this is seeing if there are any interviews or commentary from people close to the lost person/artist and making a sort of compilation of their words. This is also a really awesome and meaningful story to tell.

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