Radio Shows Broadcasting

It was really interesting listening to the radio shows being broadcasted because I got to see how everyone else conducted their shows and I compared that to how we did ours. I thought it was interesting how some groups did their show over zoom because I thought that would be more difficult compared to just separately recording audio and then editing them together. I definitely think everyone made great use of sound effects and intros to make their radio shows that much more interesting. I tuned in Wednesday night and I loved the Roy Rodgers Show. There was so much detail put into the show from the suspenseful sound effects to the character accents and everything came together so well with the dialogue and plot that it seemed like a professionally produced show.

Hearing my own show broadcasted was awkward and uncomfortable but I think that was just a me issue. I was comparing what we did in terms of show production and editing to other shows and how they used their parts to bring their show to life and I think my perspective is skewed because when I tuned into other shows it was more like a play then an actual radio show so that makes it seem like we could’ve done more even though our radio show was pretty good. I think our layout was good for our topic so I don’t have any issues with the outcome of our show.

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