Typically when someone uses the phrase “reading a movie” one would think of reading a movie but thetas not the case in this circumstance. In this situation it refers to looking at all the editorial aspects and how they come together to help tell the story. For example how do the angles, lighting, close ups, etc help narrate the scene. Do they set the mood? Do they foreshadow the plot? Do they tell the story with out words?

For this assignment I decided to do a scene from The Wolf of Wall Street, mainly because I couldn’t think of a movie scene that related to the theme of the class. There is a lot of editorial aspects that take place in this movie which is why I thought it was a good example to use. I used the scene where Jordan meets Naomi in the restaurant as there are a lot of good things to point out in that scene. For example:

  • Camera Angles: There are only two major camera angles in this scene, close up and wide, and both add a little extra emotion and dialogue to the scene. The close up angle tells the view that this is an intimate moment and when it flips between speaking characters it also tells the viewer who they should be focusing on. The wide angle tells the same initiate moment setting but also adds the aspect of the characters being rich or at least coming from money as they are in a high-class restaurant, sipping on wine while beckoning waiters to cater to their needs.
  • Lighting: The scene consists of a dark background with little wall scones illuminating some tables adding even more emphasis on that intimate and private atmosphere.
  • Non-Verbal character speech: The characters are heavy on eye contact which tells that they are very focused on each other and what they have to say. The eye contact tells me that this is a very private moment where the characters seem to be in their own world in the restaurant.

I edited this video in iMovie and I had the untouched scene play first and then I out my voice over video after. My voice over video runs a little over the actual scene but I mean that’s okay. Hopefully I talked about everything editorial wise that adds to this scene but I think I did a pretty good job.

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  1. Rather than uploading your video to your site, it would be better to upload to Youtube or Vimeo and then embed the link on your site. That way the video doesn’t use up your web space – and video can take up a lot of web space. It is a good analysis. One thing I noticed about the scene is that the camera is behind the characters during the conversation, so we’re not in the middle of it, but eavesdropping from the outside. It’s a good choice of scene because not much is happening, and that’s where the director’s skills can shine.

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